Thesis timeline

I synthesized this very rough timeline for this thesis project. I am meeting with my adviser Joe Mclaughlin tomorrow to discuss it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007: Planning Meeting – Meet with Professor Mclaughlin to have timeline approved and seek further suggestions.

Friday, June 1: Define Thesis – Distill project to one clear purpose. Formulate a one-page proposal that clarifies the project’s thesis and includes potential sources, expectations and project goals.

Monday, June 4: Begin Research – Establish a timeline for readings, begin review of literature and other pertinent source material, including news articles, studies, opinion polls, etc.

Tuesday, June 5: Meet with Mclaughlin – Develop an enlarged list of literature and desired interview subjects

Monday, June 11: Interview Search – Send initial request for interviews, knowing some delay is inevitable.

Friday, June 22: Paper Outline – Write an outline for the project

Monday, July 2: Literature Development – Have finished a foundation of suggested readings

Friday, July 6: Interview Process – Have begun conducting interviews and correlate to readings

Friday, July 13: Have an introduction and some foundation written, totaling to at least 8-10 pages

Monday, July 23: Meet with Mclaughlin – Bring the paper’s progress and report on readings and the development of interviews.

Friday, August 31: More Research – Reflect on the paper’s progress, and determine more literature and interviews that might enhance the project.

Monday, September 10: Have completed at least 20-25 pages

Friday, September 14: Meet with Mclaughlin – Bring the paper’s progress and a more detailed timeline for the project’s completion

Monday, September 24: Have completed at least 40 pages

Monday, October 1: Complete Primary Research – All readings and interviews should be completed to concentrate on the paper’s completion

Monday, November 5: Complete First Draft – The project should be in rough form, 50-60 pages. Forward to Mclaughlin to read, request suggestions and corrections.

Wednesday, November 21: Complete Final Draft – Before Thanksgiving Recess have the paper in a final form, 60 pages or more. Forward to Mclaughlin with his changes. Because he will be correcting finals from other classes he is teaching, the project should be largely completed now. Perhaps also forward to Dr. Robin Kolodny to read.

Wednesday, December 5: Completed Project – Present Mclaughlin the paper’s final form, including any last changes he suggested from the final draft. Forward a copy to Honors Director Dr. Ruth Ost.

Thursday, December 6: Present Project – If requested, present project to Honors department

February 2008: TURF CreWS – Enter project in competition, to be awarded in April

April 2008: Temple Library Award – Enter project in the competition, citing use of Paley Library

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