Interview Subjects and Special Thanks

Very special thanks need to go to Dr. Joseph McLaughlin, assistant dean for external affairs of the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University and adviser to this project. His persistence and patience were tireless. I could not have completed this project without him.

Dave Davies: senior writer on government and politics since 1990 for the Philadelphia Daily News.
Richard Dilworth: assistant professor of history and politics at Drexel University.
Tom Ferrick: former political writer and metro columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.
David B. Glancey: former head of the city’s Democratic Party and retired CEO of the Board of Revision of Taxes
Phil Goldsmith: former managing director and former deputy mayor of the City of Philadelphia
Ellen Kaplan: former issues director for Katz for Mayor 1999 and policy director of the Committee of Seventy
Sam Katz: three-time Republican candidate for Philadelphia mayor
Karen Kaufmann: associate professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland
Kevin Kelly: former president of Young Republicans of Philadelphia and city GOP reform activist

Dr. Robin Kolodny: professor of political science at Temple University, who provided much assistance in this endeavor
Brett Mandel: executive director of Philadelphia Forward
Eric Mayes: political writer for the Philadelphia Tribune.

Michael Meehan: general counsel for the Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Dr. Ray S. Mikell: assistant professor of political science at the University of New Orleans
Dr. Randall Miller: professor of history at St. Joseph’s University
Dr. Ruth Ost: director of the honors department at Temple University, who afforded me this opportunity

David Pendered: city hall reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Correspondence not used)
John Street: Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, 2000-2008
Jim Tharpe: metro reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Correspondence not used)
Fred Voigt: former executive director of the Committee of Seventy