Temple University Research Forum

This afternoon from 2:40 p.m. to 4 p.m. I served on a panel (that sure looked like what is depicted above, though I was on it) at the Temple University Research Forum, during which I presented some of my findings from this research project on the Republican Party in Philadelphia.

The panel was entitled “The Politics of Diversity” and I presented under the title of “The Republican Politics of Party and Race in Philadelphia.” (See conference PDF here.)

My abstract was as follows:

Presentation Abstract: Philadelphia hasn’t had a Republican mayor since Bernard Samuel left office in 1952, a Democratic record that has few equals in urban politics. Can a Republican be elected mayor of Philadelphia? Through more than 20 interviews with the city’s journalists, academics and politicians, book research and my own discovery, this paper will investigate the failings of Philadelphia’s GOP.

We were given just ten minutes, so I had to drastically reduce what of my findings I presented. Still, I thought it went well. I will post my Power Point slides and even, it seems, get to present video of my presenting in the coming week.

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