Frank Rizzo 1987 mayoral campaign TV advertisements

With the power of Youtube, it’s interesting to look back at what political advertisements of the past looked like.

It should be no surprise that a stack of TV ads made it online from the failed 1987 Republican campaign of former Democratic Mayor and South Philly folk legend Frank Rizzo. Let’s give them a look.

A subtle nod to poorly kept neighborhoods, with likely racial undertones.

A less subtle nod and attack on Democratic incumbent Wilson Goode

A business-driven ad

One on the Community College of Philadelphia

One on the arts

Pledging daycare

A series of testimonials, including Sam Katz, who ran against Rizzo in the 1991 primary and twice lost to John Street for mayor. Also, then City Councilman Thatcher Longstreth says Rizzo is “the only choice.”

More testimonials, including a community organizer — the lone non-white face in this video — deriding the worsening of 8th and Butler street-corridor.

More testimonials

Testimonials, including two black men and more political leaders.

Testimonials, including the first mention of the ‘bombing of Osage Avenue,’ or what we now call the MOVE bombing.

Rizzo mentions ‘one-term’ and says Goode left Philly ‘in disgrace.’

A stand up from Rizzo: clean streets and safety remain common themes.

A ‘comparison of the two candidates for mayor,’ is interesting for its complete lack of any factual backing.

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