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Frank Rizzo 1987 mayoral campaign TV advertisements

With the power of Youtube, it’s interesting to look back at what political advertisements of the past looked like. It should be no surprise that a stack of TV ads made it online from the failed 1987 Republican campaign of … Continue reading

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Nonpartisan elections: the take by Sam Katz, John Street, and others

Last week I got the opportunity to sit down with former Republican contender for mayor, Sam Katz. We spoke on a number of subjects, more notably his view of nonpartisan elections in Philadelphia. He told me that he hadn’t given … Continue reading

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Interview: Sam Katz, a three-time Republican mayoral candidate

This afternoon I was privileged enough to speak with Sam Katz, one of the most successful Republican politicians in Philadelphia in the last half century. Nothing speaks more to the party’s struggles here than the truth of that statement and … Continue reading

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Bob Barnett: former Sam Katz campaign director

During today’s interview with Ellen Kaplan, former issues director of Sam Katz’s 1999 Republican bid for mayor of Philadelphia and current staffer at the Committee of Seventy, she mentioned the success of Katz’s 1999 campaign director Robert S. Barnett. I … Continue reading

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Post-racial urban politics: hardly

We have called for and expected the end of mainstream institutional racism in the United States since about the third day after it was exported to this country, maybe 400 years ago. Back in 1999, when white Republican Sam Katz … Continue reading

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When national politics haunt Philadelphia candidates

July 4, 2001 Photo by William Thomas Cain for Getty Images on Oct. 21, 2003, not to be distributed.

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Shame of a City: a Philadelphia mayoral election documentary

In 2003, the Philadelphia mayoral contest was set to be of epic proportions. It was a rematch of now-incumbent Mayor John F. Street and Republican Sam Katz. In 1999, Katz lost by less than 8,000 votes, the closest election in … Continue reading

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